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General information about IELTS IELTS headquarters UK Australia's independent, international education organisation AU The British Council in Australia AU Education pages of the British Council, New Zealand. NZ IELTS links CN

IELTS testing centres IELTS Test Centres – worldwide UK IELTS Test Centres – Australia AU IELTS Test Centres – New Zealand NZ

IELTS tuition online Our own and the most comprehensive IELTS course available today. AU

Publishers/distributors of IELTS/ESL practice books and software

Distributors of IELTS books UK Indian distributors of IELTS books IN 'Hot Potatoes' software for teachers CA

The Literacy Site

Free IELTS exercises Our own free download exercises AUS

In general, we don't recommend the use of most free online IELTS study materials – your IELTS score is too important.

Much of the free IELTS materials online is not written by qualified IELTS teachers, and in some cases by non-native English speakers with poor English skills. Of course, non-native English speakers might have excellent English skills, but a lot of what we see is unpublishable – except on the internet.

Our advice is to check the source first.

But why not go to IELTS itself? Of course, they don't give tips and tricks to "beat" their own test, but the Information for Candidates flyer is essential reading:

Apparently, the 2010 link is to the latest IELTS information flyer.

The 2009 link is the last flyer to show readable sample test pages (but are incomplete).

For complete sample test pages

And one of the best free IELTS test resources on the net? cannot be expected to give you what the best books do, but is a helpful and well-managed resource.



ESL and/or EFL links to other sites Dave Sperling's ESL Site USA ESLoop is a collection of sites relevant to English Language Teaching and Learning on the World-Wide Web USA Selected links for ESL students JP ESL links for teachers and students JP Free online English lessons & ESL / EFL resources USA Many links to helpful pages KR

ESL & IELTS information for teachers Tools for teachers to make vocabulary and grammar worksheets in 11 languages. Very useful. FI The World of Language Testing on the Web - good Information UK A French/English website with an astonishing number of ESL links – great resource page FR English lessons, tests, quizzes and more for learners of English - all FREE (including teacher's resources) USA Resources for students and teachers of English UK Distributors of IELTS practice books/software and study and work abroad information. PH ESL and/or EFL links to other sites UK


English language schools/colleges – directories Guide to learning English in Britain UK Schools worldwide ALL

Study English in the U.K. Guide to learning English in Britain UK British Council accredited website UK One of the top English colleges in Britain UK Important discounts at top schools in the U.K. UK Course searches in the U.K. UK

The Hunger Site

Study English in Australia & New Zealand Study in Australia AU An English language school situated in central Christchurch, New Zealand providing General English Courses at all levels, as well as Cambridge First Certificate, TOEIC and IELTS classes. NZ
Need information on Australian Universities?

U.S. universities and colleges A comprehensive directory of U.S. universities and colleges. Includes information about admissions, athletic programs, financial aid and student loans. US


Online Degrees and Distance Learning Degree Programs
Provides online degree courses from various colleges or universities
that are recognized and nationally accredited by the accredited agencies.


TOP UNITED STATES universities and colleges
– directory website

Click here for

 Comprehensive directory of U.S. universities and colleges. Information about admissions, athletic programs,
financial aid and student loans.


Test your English Free English test UK Mini English tests galore USA Interactive English exercises USA English tests online USA Discover your English level online UK

English quizzes Quizzes and many things to do in English JP Self-study quizzes for ESL students JP English quizzes with printouts SP

ESL help Dave Sperling's ESL question page USA ESL resource links USA Online English lessons USA A Fun Place to Learn English as a Second Language! USA

Making friends with English learners English language forum USA The AAPress chat room AU The AAPress Yahoo group AU Find friends and penpals in different countries AU


Listening and speaking help links Learning oral English online USA You can practice and learn English by listening to English speakers from all over the world USA ESL / EFL podcasts on current events UK Conversation practice CN

Writing and reading help links Writing resources on the web UK 11 Rules of Writing USA Comprehensive guide to help with EAP tasks and materials UK

Grammar help links Get teacher's help 24 hours a day on grammar (and other ESL-related) questions USA Good interactive grammar exercises USA Exceptionally well-produced video series to assist all students with the logic of understanding English grammar CAN

English Grammar practice
English grammar online

Vocabulary help links Good links to help super-charge your vocabulary! USA Discover your vocabulary ranking CA


Spelling help links Spelling It Right - Learn to Spell Confidently UK Spelling rules DE Spelling rules USA Spelling rules and help USA

Punctuation help link
Practice Punctuation Tests & advice UK

Pronunciation help link Phonetic sounds in 7 varieties of English and in many other languages - amazing! AU Practice exercises to help you get your English pronunciation right USA The International Phonetic Association UK

Translation/Speech services

  Free speech on selected sites such as Google etc. UK If a site is not "Browsealoud" activated, use Sayzme. Highlight a phrase, right-click and copy to hear it spoken! AU Just copy and paste your text to view translations in a great many languages USA

The Literacy Site


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