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Want to hear more English



install the FREE! Hal Text-to-Speech Reader




Download the file from Zabaware


Unzip the file and install the Hal Text-to-Speech Reader


Download the free Language Reader program from Authorsoft


Install Language Reader


Use the Language Reader program to add:
  – the SAPI 4 and 5 Runtime component
  – the British English Text-To-Speech Engine

(the Language Reader program is fine, but it does not read the clipboard ? however, it DOES easily install voices and speech engines)


Setup the Hal Text-to-Speech Reader to speak British English
? Choose the Adult Female or Adult Male (British English)


When you exit the program, the voice will be the default next time you use it.


If you want "Carol" or "Peter" to say the word IELTS correctly, download this file:
ielts.dcb and place it in the C:\WINDOWS\Lhsp folder. Then, when you next load up the
program, go to Options and choose Pronunciation settings for Current Voice...


the ielts.dcb


Select the ielts.dcb file (see below)...

...and Exit.

    Now, anytime you want to hear English spoken, with reasonable accuracy* ...

...just highlight the text, right click and copy!

* it isn't perfect, but good enough for most situations until you can hear English spoken regularly.

You can also download the Speech Control Panel (.exe file, 840KB) from Microsoft to edit dictionaries etc. from the Windows Control Panel.