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This is not a Grammar Book online. It is not intended to be fully comprehensive.

Instead, we are interested in what YOU are interested in!

So go ahead and ask a question now…

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  1. In the sentence (a), the second “it” indicates whether she was happy to leave or not.
    (a)It doesn′t matter whether she was happy to leave or not. It amounts to the same thing – she′s gone.
    Then, in the sentence (b), what does “which” indicate?
    In other words, I want to know what is the antecedent of “which”.
    (b) At ordinary times, then, we are perfectly certain that men are not equal. But when, in a democratic country, we think or act politically we are not less certain that we are equal. Or at any rate — which comes to the same thing in practice — we behave as though we were certain of men’s equality.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Would please tell me if it is possible to use “are” instead of “is” in the sentence below?

    “I would like to go and see a movie. Do you know what is on?”

    • We could say “Do you know what movies are on?” But no, we wouldn’t say “Do you know what’re on?” Even if you were to preface the question with “I would like to go and see some movies.”

      So it all comes down to usage. It’s just what we say and what we don’t in English.

  3. My question is whether or not “by” is necessary at the beginning of the following sentence:
    “By”? showing the reader these positive examples of outsourcing even the smallest part of people´s lives, Hornig makes people believe that living these lives is much better than living a normal life.

    Moreover, is it a gerund with “by” and a participle construction without by? To my mind, both are possible, only the meaning differs a little when I use “by” at the beginning, but I am not sure.
    Thanks in advance

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